The Team: Part Caleb

We have a great team of professionals here at Airstream who work very hard and have the focus needed to get the job done. But, sometimes we just need to relax, unwind and goof around a little…

Caleb has a great sense of humor, he always has a smile on his face and a silly thing to say about any situation. He currently attends Colorado Mesa University and plays in the marching band there. His instrument of choice, the trumpet. And, I must say, he’s pretty good at it.

He likes to go hunting in the fall and snowboarding through the winter. Summertime means mountain biking, camping and Lake Powel. If he can’t make it down to Powel he’ll spend the weekend out on Highline wakeboarding.


He has worked with us here at Airstream for a little under a year right now and has learned a lot. It means a lot to a technician when he doesn’t have to constantly micro-manage an apprentice. Give them a task and know it will be done right. Caleb

As with all of our techs, you can trust him in your home as he has been drug tested and background checked to make sure he did fit the high standards we demand from our employees. Hopefully you will have the pleasure of having Caleb over the next time you are in need of our services.

Neil B.


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