Winter is coming…

It’s that time of year again, time to get the winter clothes out of storage and put the summer clothes in. When old man winter sneaks up on you and bites like a shark… (sorry for the bad analogy, I just wanted to use this GIF)


It won’t be long now. September is almost half over and, here in Western Colorado, that means our first freeze should happen within a month. Have you got everything ready? Here is a quick list of things you can do to make sure your home is ready for the cold.

1. Remove, drain and store your hoses, just remember where you put them in the spring.

2. Be sure the gutters are cleared out. This one might take a few tries as the leaves aren’t going to just fall all at once, but it is very important so you don’t get any ice dams that could damage the gutters themselves or the roof.

3. Make sure you don’t have any drafts through your house. Doors that are not level or the seams have torn can cause a draft and let out your heat. Sometimes windows that don’t shut entirely can be an issue too. If you have older windows it may be a good idea to “shrink wrap” them. You do this with kits sold at any hardware store with double sided tape and cellophane, install on the inside frame of your window and hit it with a blow dryer to tighten up the cellophane to add an air pocket for insulation.

4. Have your furnace or boiler cleaned, checked and inspected by a professional service provider and change filters on your furnace.

5. If you have a fireplace be sure to call out a chimney sweep to clean out the soot and inspect the fireplace mortar for any potential dangers.

6. Pull out your skis or snowboard and dream about the fun you will have this winter, oh and be sure you’ve pre ordered  your season pass to get the best possible price (optional step for winter readiness)


Neil B.


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