The Team: George

George is a true Southern boy, born and raised in South Carolina. He spent his youth boating and fishing the rivers near his home on Busby Island, and along the Atlantic shores. His dad had a bait and tackle shop that could be accessed from the water, and he and George would often go crabbing. He moved to Colorado in 2014 to be near family and joined us here at Airstream shortly after.

George Busby

George loves to be outdoors, he’s looking forward to going hunting this year and he’s ready to pull out the fishing poles this summer. He may need a smaller fishing pole though, his ocean pole may get a few sideways looks around here. His dream is to get a Jeep to get out and go.

George has been plumbing for more than 15 years in both the new construction and service sides of the trade. He now specializes in plumbing remodels and Rinnai tankless water heaters. If any of us have a question about a Rinnai, or any other tankless, George is the go to guy. He is also working on his HVAC and EPA certificates to move into some heating and cooling. The next time you need any services for your home, ask for George by name.


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