Your Immortal Furnace

When was the last time you changed the oil in your car? Within the last three months, or five thousand miles? If you change the oil yourself, you know how dirty and thick that oil can get from the heat of the engine and deposits from the working machinery, and how important it is to keep the sludge from forming. Your car serves a very specific purpose to you, you need to go somewhere, it gets you there. You rely on your car to perform this task multiple times on a daily basis, and you know you must take care of it in order for it to deliver you safely. Our cars are a very personal part of everyday life. We all know the hardship when the car is in the shop for any amount of time.

Now, I ask, when was the last time you serviced your furnace? Looked into the heat exchanger to be sure no harmful gases can be released?cracked-heat-exchanger-1 Inspected electrical components to ensure dust and lint aren’t going to cause a short or overheat a motor?dirty-blower-motor Changed an air filter, so you know the air you and your family breathes is as clean as possible?_dirty-filter-1-300x225

Our furnaces are a little less personal than a family car. We may not even see the furnace but once a year while digging out the Christmas decorations from the crawl space. Others may see it daily in the garage but it’s just another brown box that barely registers in the mind. How long can that thing go on being ignored? Well, about 3-4 years before the first hiccup, and every “small” problem thereafter. Maybe something simple like a flame probe, but how simple is that at two in the morning? 8-10 years before a major problem like a control board or blower motor, and depending on the furnace make and model, repair costs could look like $650-$1100. A full quarter to a third of a new basic furnace installation.

Yearly maintenance can cut those costs down by keeping components clean and in near factory condition. The lifespan we generally see out of an un-maintained furnace is 13 years, while with yearly maintenance we can help customers get upwards of 20 years of reliable home comfort. Winter is winding down now and soon we’ll be thinking about cooling our homes rather than heating, but the same principles apply to your air conditioner as well. If you take care of your home comfort appliances, they will return the favor. If you are interested in an affordable maintenance plan give us a call 970-434-5348 and ask Sam to send information with the technician the next time we are out.


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