The Team Part: Sam

I was thinking about what to write about next, I’m new to this whole blogging thing and coming up with new topics all the time (or in this case for a second time) is proving to be a challenge. But then I thought, “The Team”. So we will begin introducing the team here at Airstream so you can get to know them and understand why we think they are great. Let’s start with the voice you hear when you call. You may not hear him every time, but for the most part it is Sam who cheerfully schedules your call.IMG_0570

Sam was a middle school science teacher here in the valley for a number of years and I’m sure a lot of your children had him at Bookcliff Middle School or Grand Mesa Middle. In fact two of the technicians here had Sam as a teacher. Sam and his wife Becky love to fish, hunt and camp. See:

Sam “The smoke keeps the Mosi’s away.”

Also, Sam likes loves the Broncos, mostly when they win. And from what I’ve observed, he has a lot of Broncos shirts. See the picture above. After the super bowl this year though he wasn’t a real happy camper, we just left him alone for a few days and let him cool down a bit. But, I’m sure next year he’ll be rooting them on to the super bowl again!

If you are out on the river front trail in the evenings look for him on his bike, he’ll be there. There is a lot more to say about Sam, but I’ll let you find out if you have the good fortune of getting him on the other end of the line.

Neil B.


Yes, your plumber has a blog.

Let’s get started with some background:

Mike started Airstream way back in 1983, just himself and his truck out in Palisade. Back then a firm handshake and eye contact were a good business model, and a one man shop could handle the amount of work that was available. It was tough, he went into the service plumbing trade to help people. During his training as a plumber there were no lessons about running a company. At one point, Mike had to sell his Nikon camera in order to pay for licensing and insurance.

Things were tough, until one service job landed him a break. He worked for another local business owner, Maurie Loveridge, who owned a vehicle repair shop in Palisade. Each week Maurie took out a full page ad in the Palisade Tribune for his own company, but this week the readers opened to his normal ad page and saw something completely different. Maurie had used his full page ad to highlight Mike and Airstream to the community. Maurie also met with several of the orchard owners on a daily basis and recommended Mike’s work to them as well. We won’t say that the company exploded at that point or that Mike had more work than he could handle, but it helped get him through that first year.

That same year help came in another form as well, his neighbor Jane. Jane offered her time for free to answer his phone, which if he was out on a job he would have to listen to the message when he got back. She was able to answer, schedule, and, if there was an emergency, she would track him down however possible and get the message to him.

Today, Mike has taken his one man shop and grown it into a full service plumbing, heating and air conditioning business. We are able to employ around 15 people (several office and support personal and 8 techs or apprentices) and are looking to grow even more, and the only way we grow is by keeping you, our valued customers happy and comfortable. This blog will be a place where employees of Airstream will talk about items of interest to you as a homeowner and a place that we can just write and talk with you, our friends and clients. We would appreciate feedback, let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions that would help us serve you better. Again, we wouldn’t be here without you, our loyal customers.

Neil B.